The River Phoenix Code

When I began investigating the death of River Phoenix, I honestly doubted I’d find anything concrete to support my suspicions of a cover-up. I felt in my gut that something was off about the “official story” but had little faith that I could find anything worth sharing with the public. I think I might have miscalculated.

For anyone familiar with popular conspiracy theories, The Illuminati is a secret society believed to rule over every aspect of commerce and industry, especially Hollywood. Type in The Illuminati and Hollywood on You Tube, and you’ll find videos proclaiming that every celebrity death was actually a direct result of The Illuminati. They were all murdered. From Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston to Heath Ledger, apparently no celebrity actually dies from a drug overdose. It’s all one big conspiracy, and who knows, maybe that really is the case. As for River, it’s an absolute fact, and through his photos, interviews and music, he tells us so. Unfortunately, there’s more to the story than just the Hollywood Kingship wanting him silenced–The Queen of Hearts also followed suit.

The Twin Peaks Parallel

Over the past two months, River Phoenix has become like my Laura Palmer, and the more I immersed myself in the material, the more I began to feel like Special Agent Dale Cooper. Photos that I’d seen since I was a little girl took on a whole new meaning as signs and symbols revealed themselves to me. I honestly questioned my own sanity (still do) and expected nightly visitations from a towering giant, a dancing midget who talks backwards, or a one-armed man waxing poetry. Just as Dale Cooper followed the clues that led him through the woods and into the strange and unfamiliar world of The Black Lodge, I too, followed a trail of twenty-plus year old bread crumbs. Dale Cooper turned to Laura Palmer’s diary to solve her murder; I decoded River’s photo shoots, interviews and mysterious song lyrics to solve his. We both came to the same conclusion—the owls are not what they seem, the coffee is damn good, and the killer has been hiding in plain sight the entire time. In the movie Fire Walk With Me, Laura Palmer knows she will die at the hands of her sexually abusive father, but runs to meet her fate anyway in a tearful and altogether heart-wrenching departure from her boyfriend. River’s last night alive parallels Laura’s tragic murder, only his sexually abusive mother is the parent who, I believe, sealed his fate.

I can only hope I don’t end up in The Black Lodge.