Land of the Waterfalls

September 4, 1995


There’s this dream I keep having again and again. It’s so different from all my other dreams. For one, it’s in black and white, most of the time my dreams consist of color. It’s also the same dream every time, things just keep on repeating themselves. I’ve had dreams that are continuations of before, but never the same exact dream. It’s one of those dreams that feel so realistic and stays with you all day. In this case, the realism was quite enjoyable. I can’t recall the events occurring in the dream, it’s doubtful there were any. I just remember the emotions in the dream being so strong and effective. My surroundings are fairly vivid, and that’s where I stayed throughout the dream. Waterfalls were everywhere, that’s all there was. This place consisted of nothing but waterfalls and I’m the only sign of life. I didn’t feel scared or alone, I felt at peace. The whole time I’m just sitting on the ground right in the middle of one of the many waterfalls. it feels so healing, and I never leave, I just wake up. I’d like to go back tonight, but I doubt that the dream will ever return. It was nice while it lasted though. I wonder if it means anything sub-consciously. The waterfalls could be metaphors of purity cleansing my body from dirt, reviving myself back to health. you never know about dreams. They might hold the answers to so many unsolved problems. I, myself, could hold the key that opens the door to truth.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist