Black-Eyed Pea

September 23, 1996


Today mom and I went out to eat at the Black-eyed Pea and I saw my old friend, Julie. Funny thing is, she’s been dead for a year now. In fact, it was a year ago today. She was a waitress, can you believe, and looked the same as she always did. A stranger of course, but the resemblance was eerie. I couldn’t peel my eyes away from her, it was like the Twilight Zone. She asked for my order and smiled that same smile, talked the same, walked the same walk. Her height, weight, blonde shoulder length hair, wide-open blue eyes, even that same crooked nose was the same. My expression of disbelief was quite obvious and she read through me like an old friend does, she knew! No words were spoken about it, but I could feel a connection. There is absolutely no way to explain this as a coincidence, or just imagination, this was real, even mom knew it, she saw it! I can never go back there again, the encounter is already driving me insane. I mean, I was just getting on with my life and now my dreams will be haunted for another long year.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist