Dream #4

December 20, 1996


I’m with the old gang (Julie wasn’t there) at the skating rink and Eric Griebel is all of the sudden sitting next to me except it didn’t look like him. Next thing I know I’m somewhere else, the mall I think, and Eric is still with me, he’s totally obsessed with me! He asks me if I want to go do some cocaine and I decline. This keeps up for a while until all of the sudden Jena comes into the picture. Eric starts asking her if she wants to do some cocaine and she says yes. They become an item and I end up going to Eric telling him that I’ll do cocaine with him. He tells me the concert ticket I have can be traded in for cocaine. After that I start feening for coke but I’m never able to find any. Now we are all over at Jaren’s house, including Eric, doing absolutely nothing. When I get up and go to the window I see that a tornado is heading straight towards the house. I warn everyone but nobody pays any mind. Right before the tornado strikes it becomes some guy and he just steps in from the window. I ask him what just happened he says “nothing” and states that he is hungry. Jaren goes to the phone, orders KFC, and a big bucket of chicken appears in his hands.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist