February 1997


In another world I was as free as free could be. In this other time I was as young as young could be. In a different life I was as me as me could be. 2/6/97

Remember me in unknown centuries to come, for I was the forgotten genius as a mortal. 2/6/97

He had the insanity of a crazed man with way too much insight, and he shared it with the rest of the world, they still couldn’t hear. 2/6/97

And still as night creeps in and dreams are clear; she lingers with the grace of an animal. 2/6/97

This is a prayer for you my stranger friend, I love what you had to give. Sadly I relate to a tragic end, for it could have been me as much as anyone; it could have been me but it had to be you. 2/7/97 (Verse for River)

I have only just begun to see what I believe, for it has always been since the beginning of my time and I know no other way. 2/8/97

Lazy daze is in my head forever and after the end. 2/8/97

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist