January 1997


In silence I send to you what was needed from years ago. Accept me as I have done for creation will slip away.

Was today the day that I would see another time that used to be? Will tomorrow become the past today if sun is moon and moon is ray?

A laugh I hear in hidden space, with rhythm and rhyme it echoes. A cry is left it total disgrace, with measure and time it bellows.

I must see what I now know, to ignore would never come about. If I leave to save a life, could it be possible to vanish another? Never shall I go back after striving all this time.

Today we came to be free in no other way from times of before. Here I am in total absent shield, accept what I never cared for.

Together is never true. Believe what you think to know inside. Always listen. What you see is fake as well as what you hear. Learn from the past. We are always alone but loneliness doesn’t have to be. I love to love myself.

Nothing must stand in the way, this is what I’ve always wanted. Not fear, nor love, loneliness or even time!

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist