Within you shall always lie a connection. I am and forever will be an outcast watching vanity and discomfort pass me by without missing a beat. How could all that was important become forgotten in the blink of an eye? This contains no value anymore. I do not find happiness in a common place, or meaning from casual conversation. But outside of one-track minds I find comfort within you. History is my mentor and he has taught me what to remember and cherish. He told me my position in every single battle and showed me the future. I am letting go for selfish reasons, and within a circle I remember why. The tone changes in every tale taking on a new and somewhat bitter form that has no real explanation. I am cut short in most happenings and undiscovered in others. Never finding the right moment to speak, and even if found what words could deliver? It takes a lot to admit to deep emotions and dangerous tendencies, but denial is so believable I’m still not giving in.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist