February 1997


It is my disposition in society that not only attributes myself to being an outsider, but is also the reason for my insight.  2/17/97

I am still not satisfied. The forced behavior, false awareness, wasted education, what has it got to do with life and me?  2/17/97

We do not change; we only pretend to be what isn’t real. I would love to share what I know, but it is mine to enjoy alone.  2/23/97

I know that depression is to come. In the near future my demon will be faced and conquered. I hope that life will be worth it. I hope that I will be worth it.  2/23/97

For myself, it is not as easy as portrayed, so I shall keep this mountain in silence.  2/23/97

I have become stuck so deep inside myself that I’ve forgotten how to exist as a citizen of the human race.  2/24/97

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist