Gradual Me

May 15, 1997


Gradual can’t you see that it’s me? I’ve fallen behind in time. Personal pain has taken my sane, you ask me how, no, I’m just fine. Reflection denied from my very own eye, it seems I have let me go. Creation is weak, I care not to speak for words will refuse to flow.

Gradual me from a beauty in sight, a face now unworthy of light. Gradual me to redeem not again, it’s lonely where I have been. Too lonely here where I’ve been.

Gradual find me in space still unknown where vanity lives in the head, as if in a dream by chance it will seem that I am already dead. Like an alien being or an outcast in sin, I hide and I take it within. Look at me now in my days of somehow I’ve turned into fear I am dim.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist