November 1997


Once when vulnerability existed, an idol stood before me in a blind state of happiness. Years later the tables turn and I’m not sure where happiness ends and misery begins. It seems that under the same roof we would rather kill that bond in nightly rituals cherished. In that time I loved you more than I thought I could. After everything we went through I thought you let me know what “we” was worth. With the wave of a hand it was gone just like in the beginning, only a different soul was erased, but I have always stayed the same. Almost a year ago plans to evolve where freshly planted in my brain, but now I seem to be standing alone as you found your own ground. To be stuck here in the confines of everyday knowing that I was the one who wanted out and you, you wanted to stay! Here, I sit under this all too familiar roof with you among strangers, and me? I keep moving backwards.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist