December 19, 1997


If I could swallow my pride for just once maybe an understanding could be reached. I have this idea, this belief that coming together could mean greatness. With my talent, love, and dedication combined with yours the result would be absolute success I just know it! Proof has already been exposed so why should it be this hard to connect again, I just can’t believe that false statement you can never go back, it’s just not true. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I miss you, and I don’t like taking the backseat in your life. You just seem so out of reach sometimes and my patience is short. But as I have been told by many, I have the habit of blowing things out of proportion and seeing what really doesn’t exist, then again, all I know is all I feel. With the intentions to actually give this, shall I say, letter, to you, it occurs to me that maybe you will have no idea where I’m coming from. Staying up late every night waiting for the chance to bust out the alcohol and role play until the sun awakes and the drink is gone. Laughing uncontrollably to ourselves as onlookers just stare wondering what the punchline was. Understanding and appreciating company that was all too often denied in the past but maybe it’s just me.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist