On the Road Again

March 1, 1998


After several hours and many miles of highway behind, you start to transform. It usually occurs after the sun has set and an unfamiliar nothingness surrounds as you journey on falling into a deep hypnotic state. Your body becomes comatose and your mind drifts off into a creative frenzy of thoughts, your eyes start seeing things that don’t exist. Once when I had driven for nine hours straight I began to hallucinate to Pink Floyd playing on the radio. It was the album Wish You Were Here and everything seemed to fall into place. I mean the trees passing to the side were in sync with the music and the never changing road was initiated into this momentary lapse of suspended time. With my best friend riding passenger taking in the same experience as I it became understood that this is to be cherished, and for this particular time, we shall never witness again. Still, with all the magical memories now in the past, places that are unseen will always exist serving as an excuse for further traveling. I am living on vacation as if it were my religion. There is so much out there that is sacred, pleasures yet to be enjoyed and wisdom waiting to be put to good use.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist