August 11, 1998


There was a little girl who spoke wisdom beyond her years. Her mother is visiting heaven, she just recently left. A freeway runs fast. My pockets stay empty but I must find money to save the world. My stash is running dry and this time is the last for I can no longer afford to be tied down. Last night my best friend caught a glimpse of the moon and said, “This is where we want to be. Someday these words will stand true.” She is chasing the same dream as I. “We shall arrive together,” she said before turning away. I am looking for a suspension in time since my hands are filled with holes. I am hoping to save what little is left. In my own household I cannot find safety. These days are filled with hate, pain, sadness, and misery. The closing month of summer only makes room for September memories followed by a gray winter. I need to find the energy to prove that all goodness has not been in vain. I need to capture the world.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist