August 21, 1998


I have been moving slowly towards the starting line in an unknown direction. A green sign just up ahead informs me of how many miles I have left to travel, and every once in a while it gives me insurance that I am on the right path. The sun is setting just before me, but as it has not yet met the horizon I must still squint me eyes to see. Hypnotized by a steady flow of vibrations, I relax my body and mind. An artist has perfected the use of color. My sight is no longer shielded. A faint dim light catches raindrops that are gathered together in bondage. It feeds off reflection and although I seem to be getting closer, I can never make contact with it. It is always one step ahead. I am suddenly reminded of a glorious day that occurred. Even before my birth I still celebrate this anniversary of pure goodness. The moon hides behind his own shadow casting a warm glow upon the darkness of the earth. The Earth. How insignificant it seems to me now as I ponder the concept of the universe and heavens. All that has been lost still exists in another form or in some other dimension. A wonderful sense of freedom possesses my spirit with the very thought of immortality. The concept of flesh and blood is trivial.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist