September 19, 1998


My love is meant to be dissected. Across the table sits infatuation that I once believed in. Eye for an eye, it is simple, it is complicated. Today I played a fool in the presence of experienced slackers. Tears came out of nowhere and though I tried to stop the uninvited flow, more just seemed to follow. My weakness has been revealed but with the closing of a long-awaited night I feel no shame. There is such freedom when insecurities are pushed aside and true ignorance shines through calming a spirit in hiding. Unfortunately, my biggest accomplishment is ignoring the voice of reason and answering to the call of temptation. This is a generation full of trend-setting, attention-stealing, soul-numbing pupils of an older race of wisdom. We are repeating the past and the worst part is that we have long ago come to this realization. Our excuses are lazy. It is in our nature to recycle not only for the goodness of the earth but for the appearance of a first impression. Fear of the truth has never been greater as our need for denial feeds off acceptance, but what does it matter if we are rejected? Why is there a need to clone?

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist