October 14, 1998


Surprise! My thoughts wander in your direction but pride being a well-known enemy steps in the way. I have grown bored. The timing was wrong yet still I tried to explain what was real and react in a correct manner of discrete and utter enjoyment. Fear once again takes the lead but let it be known that an avalanche of hardships plagued life for almost half a year. A taste in my mouth has me craving the unknown. Clusters of trees line the pavement ahead but through paned glass I see an opening brought into sight by a beam of sunlight. All things loved that slipped through the cracks are gathered into a suitcase and follow behind rolling with the groove that carries the weight. I can’t remember a last goodbye ever taking place, or a peaceful state of mind after physical contact was broken for chaos was the center of attention. These days there is no time to be depressed, but along with good news, bad news is sure to follow. Happiness has also been forgotten along with every other feeling that brings me some kind of inspiration. Kodak is my new best friend.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist