Pros and Cons

December 7, 1998


These last eight months have been unreal. Like a dream, a really bad dream. I haven’t even written about half the stuff that has happened for these are things that cut too deep or are too boring and mind numbing even to think about let alone write about. I don’t even remember what I have mentioned. Lost my insurance the day I wrecked my car. Lost Louie Boy. Lost Jude Girl. Lost Mission Girl. Jaren moved five hours away, got a crappy job and lost it, got a better job but will probably end up losing it, found out I have the lungs of a fifty year old, gave the brush off to the guy who was most likely my soulmate, never made it out of Texas this last summer, still living in Humble, still single, still smoking (both), still dreaming. I did manage to get a new car, well, new to me, but the transmission is starting to slip and it has an oil leak. Here’s the plan as of now: go back to college, preferably in another state, take photo journalism, get some stuff published and travel making money along the way. This summer I was thinking about taking a job up in Yellowstone like my brother did. I’m going to need to plan in full detail. It is going to work this time.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist