December 5, 1998


Night sky. Wind seeps in through cracked windows. The land outside is flat but I can see mountains in the distance. I can see snow in the clouds. Winter temperatures are still in the eighties but I feel a need to build a fire. Miles have been added. Vibrations. New territory is right around the corner and with this knowledge, I anticipate arrival. Slow down. Let it not be forgotten that getting there is actually more than half the fun. Once a destination has been reached, departure is not far behind. Vacation is no good. There must be a way where I can keep moving. Instinct tells me that my thoughts are on the right track. Now is the time for preparation and a careful examination of the situation as a whole. During these mental explorations is when I can feel the fear set in. So much to leave behind but don’t stay for the wrong reasons. Don’t leave just to run away for pain follows. Do what must be done. Listen to the heart but don’t forget the brain. All these things I know, but would it be possible to do alone? I want to take everybody with me. It’s just a matter of who will follow.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist