Role Play

December 9, 1998


I can only imagine what your life must be like or what you’re doing right now. This city is big, but it holds more people than it probably should. How can I know for sure it holds you?

It has been colder than usual this winter but I have managed to keep warm. The mirror in this so-called “bathroom” is cracked which doesn’t seem to help my appearance. There are bruises on my arms but they cannot be seen on the other side. The drizzle outside has turned into a steady pour. I keep shelter for the night.

His presence sends me into shock. Never in my life have I ever been a witness to such mesmerizing beauty. Tonight in this late hour I sit painfully close to a foreign delicacy I have not yet given the permission to enjoy. Tonight I seek such pleasure.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I could have sworn I saw that knowing look in his eye tonight.

I see a serious connection in the makings. With a little luck, talent will be the only thing needed.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist