December 8, 1998


I’m trying to keep my spirits high but every new day seems to laugh in my face and instead of laughing back I add another wrinkle to my brow.

Candles are burning for Lennon. Today was the day his identity was confused with that of a madman. Secrets are still left to be discovered for this is how he wanted it.

To those of you having a good day: kindness comes only by way of selfishness. Vanity does bring wealth and fame. Happiness is never long term. The good really do die young and we are born only to spend the rest of our lives preparing for our demise.

These little irritations must be aftershocks from the big one.

Have I not mentioned the shooting stars yet? They are spectacular! One right after another. The closer you get the more you see.

The clouds are moving with the pace of the wind, or is it the other way around? Nights have grown clear with the cold front pounding at the windows.

My mental anguish is beginning to seep through to the outside.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist