Bad Vibrations

January 6, 1999


I can feel it in the air again. Let it be a reminder that any news is bad news, and good intentions are nothing more than excuses in the larva stage.

I think I just had a panic attack. I was leaving Jena’s house, and on my way out to the car I thought I heard something in the woods, so I jumped in the car, locked the door, and raced off until I felt I was safe. On my way home I tried to shrug it off but the paranoia only worsened. My eyes kept shifting toward the backseat every five seconds. Every light I came upon turned red forcing me to stop and make myself vulnerable to a sudden act of violence that might be lurking in the shadows. As soon as I made the right into my neighborhood, an unseen fog all of the sudden blankets the environment. I opened the door to my house expecting to find a madman holding a butcher knife waiting to finish off the last living member of the household. I need a cigarette but I am too scared to open the window, still. I don’t know what happened. We always hear noises in the woods but I’ve never felt that bad of a vibe before.

So as you might have noticed by the sudden change of the date that we have come to a new year. I definitely feel the difference this time. Something about those last three digits. I seriously think I’m losing my mind. Tonight when I went outside to take a cigarette break at work I saw the most bizarre thing in the night sky. I was gazing up at the stars just as I always do, and this red light appeared in the sky, kind of like a mini explosion, and I could actually hear it pop and then fizzle out and fall through space just as a shooting star would do, but the light was as big as a penny and it was fire red, not just some soft white glow. What was it? It happened so quickly and it’s hard to put into full detail. I was the only one out there but I pointed at it as if to share the excitement with someone else. “Look! Did ya see that?”

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist