Holding Out

February 2, 1999


I set my goals after I accomplish them. It seems to work out better that way for me.

I heard that you might have hit the big time, that your ship has finally come in. So how has life treated you since high school? Mine sure could be better. A close source said that you could be dying and I heard that you don’t care. I’ve seen you a few times along the way. It has been almost seven years since I was a freshman in high school. Why do you still haunt my fantasy and lingerie in dreams that make more sense than reality does? Did you hear about my dear friend Tree? You remember her. She would listen to me go on and on about you. How foolish I am when the subject is in your honor. There is still that part of me that believes in fate or destiny or finding your soulmate. I know your weakness but I have yet to see your physique tarnished, your sweet smile erased, or your eyes blackened. Believe me, I would notice such things. Tonight I feel like I am fourteen waiting to see your beautiful face walking down the hall.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist