Alternate Reunion

July 11, 1999


In just three days my closest friends and I will be vacation bound. It has been two years for me and even longer for them. The Current Family Reunion once again sets up camp in southern New Mexico, but this is merely an excuse to go for visiting with my compadre’s relatives who are strangers to them as well is not on the main agenda. The foothills of the Rocky Mountains lay in the background of a crystal clear glacier lake whose temperatures have chased off even me. Summertime in Houston is not a pretty thing but five minutes in those waters is enough to last me until winter. Our days will be spent hiking up respectfully sized hills and watching sunsets painted across the sky right before our eyes. Rays of light reflect off the surface of the lake captivating each and every witness. By nightfall we retreat back to camp and inquire about plans regarding dinner. Hopefully the rest of our party retires early as was the case last time leaving just three of us to sit outside admiring the night sky. Every star that this universe possesses could be seen along with satellites and meteors, and in the middle of it all, smeared across the sky in full essence was the Milky Way. We talked through the night getting philosophical as conversation actually spoke importance and small talk made foreign. That first visit created a lifelong obsession.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist