In a Small Town Outside of Houston

March 29, 1999


I saw Julie’s lookalike again a couple of nights ago. We passed each other in the isle of a grocery store. Jayme, Jena and I stopped dead in our tracks. Jena and I have both seen her about six or seven times at various places in Humble, but this was Jayme’s first time. Her first reaction was the same as ours, shock. It’s amazing how two complete strangers can look to be identical twins. Julie had such a unique look and this girl fits her to a T. We’ve thought about talking to her but decided that what we had to say would most likely freak her out. I wouldn’t want to know that I looked like somebody’s dead best friend. That might be too weird for us as well.

I’m still smoking about four cigarettes a day which isn’t bad considering I was smoking about a pack and a half. I still need to quit. It’s easy not to smoke when I’m at work or at home even, but once I go hang out with everyone it’s all over. I start craving a cigarette. I’m over the addiction, now its habit. Nothing new has happened in my life for a while now. Repetition makes days go by a hundred times faster, and although I dislike my current position, the loss of time threatens me. The longer you stay the harder it is to leave.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist