Men or Mice

May 6, 1999


My mind is working overtime again, and with the last summer of this century upon me, I already know which direction my thoughts are heading. It is time to leave home for good. It is time to abandon this place. This popular road has been talked about for what seems like ages but has yet to be followed because of various detours and some construction work. The only thing stopping me is myself. I have the money saved and I have the transportation, now I just need to gather up some courage. Jena and I have been talking hours on end about “The Move” trying to work out all the loose ends and technical stuff that must be dealt with. There is also a lot of fear to be dealt with. I can already feel myself become homesick for my family, friends, security and the familiar routine of life that I complain about so often, but it will never happen if I keep focusing on all that will cause sorrow.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist