August 11, 1999


To look at the situation from a different perspective is a road I would like to travel only once. Every day I dwell in the path of your tragedy that took its toll on a kindred spirit several years ago. The world was dumbfounded, or at least those of us who cared. We are dangerously close to the new millennium which saddens me for I hate to leave the nineties behind. This was your era and in this generation you were made a leader even if not by choice, but too many punches were thrown leaving you to grasp for the sidewalk. In one single second you were immortalized. Forever young. Forever beautiful. Time no longer has the ability to cast its voodoo upon you. Already at twenty-two I have lost meaning and excitement for each new day. Just imagine what twenty-two more years will do. We shall never have to witness you go through this. You will always be graceful and authentic.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist