For You

November 19, 1999


If I could find a way to disappear and starve myself till there was nothing left don’t you know I would? I feel I lost something along the way and if you find it lying on a roadside park you can have what I must have thrown away. I wonder if they get what I’ve been trying to say? I wonder if they’ll get the point I’m trying to make? We are all waiting on you to make your move but everything has to be perfect I’ve told you that before. Everything has to be perfect with nothing left to improve. If I could feel the warmth of the sun beating down upon my face exposing ten-thousand flaws I keep hidden, my capabilities would be endless. It is coming. Do they know the secrets I have been revealing? This is for all of you. What you hold in your hands was created to be exploited. There is a great freedom when you let yourself become translucent, but will they take these words to heart? There was a ten year old child who sat alone cooped up in an upstairs room experimenting with the hidden talents of a future storyteller. There was a poet born again through pain who dared to dream despite harsh realities. Unhappy faces have gone grocery shopping. They’re pumping gas. They’re going to work. They’re eating fast food. They’re stopped at a red light trying to get home. I wonder if they know their own capabilities?

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist