Putting Them to Use

December 24, 1999


My agility when faced with a crowd sometimes amazes me. I think it might be due to my size for with such a small frame it is easy to squeeze in and out through a collage of bodies.

Maybe it is time for sedition. This up and coming century will no doubt be full of lies from our government that won’t even compare to what we have already been fed.

I will not let my actions become tractable when faced with intimidation.

After the storm I was thrown off by the trajectory of Mother Nature. For you see, she was no longer traveling south. Her sails were now sailing north.

Never will I become jaded by what this earth has to offer. Tomorrow I shall appreciate as I did today and as I did yesterday.

Watch out for flim-flam, it lurks in the garden’s shadows waiting for a chance to strike.

Her songs are euphonious possessing a certain sound that casts me into a trance.

Sometimes when I hear her laughing it reminds me of how she used to weep.

I was insentient when informed about the latest groundbreaking news for all has been heard since ten years before.

Your repartee is wearing thin as I keep wasting breath.

The poison is insipid to my swollen tongue.

The actions of the stranger were of an arcane manner.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist