Shoemaker Crossing

October 3, 1999


My feet are callused from walking barefoot through trails paved with pebbles. At the end of these trails huge oak trees take the upper stage while I balance myself jumping from root to root. They looked like boa constrictors weaving in and out of each other. I began imagining that I was actually trekking through the rain forests of Puerto Rico searching for the perfect spot to hang my hat and record my inspirations. Miniature waterfalls surrounded me making my imaginary world even more realistic. The coolness of the fresh spring water came up a little past my ankles as I walked across the edge of one of the many waterfalls. There was a slight pull from the currents and the mossy rocks made for a slippery surface but even if conditions were safer I still would have stepped slow taking it all in. Sprinkles of water hit my face from the rushing falls and for a second I closed my eyes and stood there at the edge with my arms outstretched pondering the possibility of flight.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist