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January 4, 2000 (2:14 am)


I am beginning to see what all of these melodies mean. Stranded again under the fist of time, but it is useless to struggle for his grasp will only tighten. These days it has been less about me and more about everything else for this is where meaningful material is first conceived. I have come to a new understanding for plastic trees and rubber knees that I used to look upon as sensationalized commodities. It is true that everything happens for a reason, but this is not an excuse for lazy lifestyles for we have all been given the power to change. It is simple. It is complicated…

I am addicted to journal writing. At the end of the last one it was conceded that I would not be starting a new journal, and if I’m not mistaken, I have recorded that very same sentence before. One of these days there will be more to write about. My next choice of destination is Seattle. Once again, my friends and I have been discussing future plans to travel there in late August. There is a Twin Peaks festival being held there and tickets for this event will seize to be sold after March 1. The tickets alone cost $180, and after we purchase them there will be no turning back, but we have yet to order them. I already have the money in the bank, I’m just waiting on them. I’ll keep you informed. School starts up in a couple of weeks and I still have yet to register. I’ll get around to doing it soon enough I suppose. I love my new journal. It’s much bigger than all the others. Hopefully it will be a good one.

Cabbage Patch Kids, Hula Hoops, Rubik’s Cube, Twister, coloring books, Pound Puppies, My Little Pony, Smurf cereal, Zilker Park…

my life as a child in Austin.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist

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