Wooden Floors

April 21, 2000 (12:10 am)


I’m in Bay City right now trying out my cousin’s multiple colored pens. This one writes like a dream. Okay, here’s another one, Liquid Express. The color is green. Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits VII is creating a mood. This is a much needed fix since I left my most favored album “The Free Wheelin’ Bob” at work my last day there, and believe me, I’m not going back to retrieve it. I’m hanging out with the family, I guess you could call it a kind of Cousin Reunion for the Easter holidays. The four of us are all twenty-something freelancers making money by going to college or doing temporary jobs wherever and whenever they pop up. This is the kind of writing that records any meaningless thoughts that venture into existence. Whether it is done to take up room, kill boredom, or fulfill some need for accomplishment, at least it is something. So I have about two more weeks left in my philosophy class and I have taken the view many others have taken – there is no such thing as nothing because acknowledging “nothing” would make it something. Green is the ending.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist

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