Corner Spot

April 23, 2000 (3:00 am)


Should we believe in what is here if we are not around to witness? If we arrive at halfway only to arrive at halfway of halfway, will we ever arrive at our destination? What is the point of our existence (if we actually do exist) if there is an “evil will” that abolishes any chance of freedom?

Theatrical posters pinned to the wall possess backwards titles and subtexts that belong to the other side of the mirror. To my right, a joint is being rolled that must satisfy six dope friendly friends. Well, friends from mutual interests, similar situations, and present surroundings. What in the world are we doing here all gathered together in an imperfect circle? Various pairs of red eyes come into view now and then from the thick blanket of smoke that blurs average vision. Which conversation do I join? The joint makes it around about twice which hardly seems worth it to a daily smoker. What time is it anyway? My wrist watch sets off a silent alarm as my body rises to dismiss itself. Now I know why no one agrees in philosophy for the world is what you believe it to be.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist