A Trip to the Menil

June 19, 2000 (3:35 am)


20th Century sculptures mock the catholic religion with undertones of an unknown artist’s painful fall from grace. One such figure sits before me dressed like a high priest with a monkey on his lap and a book in his left hand. The title of the book reads “On the Origin of Species” written by Charles Darwin. The priest is hunched over in his chair as if he were in a great deal of physical pain. His clothing was tattered and torn and drooped over his decrepit body, but it was his face that most disturbed me. Pain and anguish saturated his features. His mouth was open letting his jaw hang heavily in the still air of the museum. The wrinkles covering his face cut deep and his eyes were focused downward squinting to see. The priest was surely knocking on death’s door, but it was not his condition that troubled him. The monkey seated in his lap looked halfway decayed much the like priest did himself. His left hand clutched the book of Darwin closed while he sat waiting.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist