Pondering in Ponderosa

July 19, 2000


The land here is ever-changing. In the shade I am searching for the sun, and in the sun I am searching for the shade. A cool breeze was blowing off the lake while my friend sat patiently waiting for the trout to bite. Tomorrow we shall be heading home, and as always, we are talking and planning for a way to call this place home. We decided to get a hotel room tonight, and I must admit, I’m enjoying just sitting back and watching TV under a roof. It was fifty dollars for a two bedroom cabin for one night. Not too shabby considering it’s the same price for a room at Motel 6. There’s no air conditioner in the cabin, not because they’re cheap, you just don’t really need one out here. My skin is pink from sitting in the sun by the lake which is what I was trying to accomplish. My suitcase is filled with various types of rocks and minerals I picked up along the way. Besides taking home memories, there is always that need to bring back just a little more, or as much as possible. I am trying not to think about tomorrow, and as the television continues to hold my undivided attention, I can feel my eyes become heavy. This is the last night, make it last as long as possible. Programs like The Simpsons, where the town of Springfield trips on peyote in the episode, South Park, a special biography on River Phoenix, and a RHCP concert on MTV have been passing the time away, but man, that’s some good TV watching. Jaren went to the casino, and if things go right, our trip might not have to come to an end, but that’s a real slim chance. From open plains, to endless plateaus, to rolling hills, to jagged mountains, I find that my hunger for more geologic knowledge is too intense to be ignored, but then again, that’s a whole lot of school. Oh yeah, by the way, I chickened out last night and ended up sleeping in the car instead of the tent once again. I don’t know if it was the joint that made me paranoid or if my imagination was working overtime, but I finally gave in to fear. Like I said, I’m happy to be under a roof tonight but the wilderness does not have me conquered. A week on the road has annihilated my writer’s block, and as reality lies just around the corner, I must pump myself up for sweltering heat and planted feet. This is where the trail ends, but I am holding it all in and putting that last breath of fresh mountain air on reserve until my lungs can no longer stand it.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist