June 2, 2000 (2:26 am)


I am having another one of those artistic blocks. For the last six months my mind has been deeply involved in academics. I made three “A’s” and one “B” for the spring semester which ain’t too bad, but my GPA is still only at 2.9 because of that one bad semester. You know the one, everybody has one. My journal writings have been sparse but then there hasn’t really been anything worth writing about. It has been a full year since my last excursion outside the boundaries of the dreadfully big Lone Star State. Did I tell you about these rich kids I attend college with? They take monthly trips to Hawaii! These kids are eighteen at the most. Wait, I think I did mention that. So far, the year 2000 kind of sucks. I have no money to do anything because I quit my job for school. Now, school is my life yet I still have no idea what or where I’m working towards. I’m taking Photography I and Drawing I this fall semester so hopefully I will be inspired again.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist