Seek Shelter in a Cave

July 26, 2000


The sunlight is very bright during the daytime. Outside, the grass has been burnt to a crisp, and for the time being, it has been made illegal to give it water. Yes, I am now certain that I have returned, but unlike the old Lindsay, I am keeping my head in the clouded mountaintops even though, technically, I am below sea level. The worst thing you can do when you’ve just returned home from vacation is check the mail, but eventually it is a dirty deed that must be dealt with. My financial aid for the fall semester came in, kind of, at least the letter arrived stating that I have no financial aid. Apparently I make too much money at the job I don’t have to receive a Pell Grant, but since it goes by my earnings last year I got denied. Arrrggghhhh!!#..!!!#!!!! The system makes absolutely no sense to me. Last semester I at least got $500 from financial aid, and that was after I had just quit my job of two years. While I was in the mountains I noticed a cave that was hidden deep in the blanket of trees that covered the steep mountainside, and although I attempted hiking my way up to get a better view, the terrain was much too rugged for my foam sandals, but I shall carry the knowledge of its existence with me like an exploited secret. At times when the world seems to spin out of control I can look to the cave for reassurance that there is more to life than aggravated annoyances, irritating irony, and outdated road blocks. Until we meet again I am making the best of my time by taking walks with a friend in the nearby park, or staying poolside while the sun relentlessly continues to bake my now golden shell.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist