Backyard Tanning Salon

August 17, 2000


I need to brush my teeth but outside the sky is imitating the ocean and wild vines are growing steadily across a wooden, rotting fence right before my squinted eyes. Once again, the summer is coming to a close but seasons are a rare thing here so it doesn’t really matter. Today the sun has no clouds to hide behind, so where will it go when it feels the need to seek shelter in the shade? One of my favorite memories takes hold of my thoughts as if to persuade me into returning and repeating what has already been experienced. It was my closest friend and myself camped out on the beach on a cloudy spring night. We sat around the fire telling ghost stories of some truth, and drinking spirits that almost always seem more pleasing to the taste buds on the beach. With the windows to the car rolled down we continued listening to U2’s Joshua Tree on the cassette player over and over again. I tell ya, that is the perfect album for a night under the stars, it just fits. Every now and then I can still catch a cool breeze blowing in from distant peeks that lay thousands of miles away from me now.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist