Monsters of Pop

August 10, 2000


Maybe someday I’ll find what I need to begin the rest of my life. I have been looking to scholars for guidance and I have not lost hope, I am just slowly losing patience. There is always that fear of waiting too long or maybe I’m already too late. Countless numbers of beautiful verses flow in and out of my mind never to return for soon I shall forget even thinking them into existence. I have heard many complain about how they have suffered enough and that their ship will soon come in, but can’t they see from so many before that it is a phantom ship to begin with?

With dusk upon I wandered on tilting my head up towards the hidden sky that came in spurts through crowded treetops. The landscape ahead was on a steady incline as I kept hiking to the top I knew I could never reach, but just a little further and then I’ll turn around.

Local fast food restaurants are not only selling double cheeseburgers with a biggie fry and coke, but they’re also selling underage sex.

Every generation like the generation before falls victim to boy bands that are created by some big record company and barely legal porn stars that spend the rest of their career denying having breast implants at the ripe old age of seventeen. We must stop these carnivores of mainstream entertainment from spreading this disease to our children.

The New Kids on the Block have been on sale for the past ten years but they have yet to realize that they have already been sold and resold to the new New Kids on the Block. Tiffany can still be seen frequenting the malls but the crowds all seem to ignore her now. Color Me Bad are now colored in plaid trying to find a day job, and Debbie Gibson is lost in her own eyes trying to find an identity.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist