Drummer Boy

November 16, 2000


I could have looked at you all night…

Like nothing I’ve ever known, this ten year obsession has settled in for a lifetime. Miles ahead down a divided highway, the lost city of California entertains a million nameless faces. You were there, or so I’m led to believe, fighting for that popular dream that attracts so many. If our paths did cross again would you recognize my face, and could I be so bold as to make my desires known? I think back from now and then to crowded hallways that wreaked havoc on my adolescence, but you were always somewhere in the middle standing beautifully still. Anticipated bus rides home with you in the back and me three rows ahead wondering if you were casting a stare in my direction. Now years in between, I’ve seen you on occasion, and even managed to strike up a conversation where my tongue used to fall numb.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist