Jane Doe’s Return from the Dead

December 26, 2000


There’s a girl I used to know who killed herself a few weeks ago…or so I thought. It turns out that Beth’s suicide was nothing but a vicious rumor. I saw her younger sister on campus while standing in the lunch line, and she flat out asked me “did you hear about my sister?” I say “yes”, tell her how sorry I am, and that was the whole of our conversation. A few days later I bumped into her again (not literally) and she begins complaining about her decision to let Beth stay with her. Apparently, Beth stole her wallet and her car and is now back out on the streets selling herself for crack. It was very strange for me to sit there and listen to Stephanie rant and rave about her “crack-whore sister” whom had already been pronounced dead by a good part of the circle. The news of Beth’s suicide affected me more deeply than I would have imagined, but finding out that she is still alive didn’t seem to raise my spirits as one might think. At that moment, I suspect I probably gained another scaly layer of calloused skin, resistant and unaffected to any and all painful or rough surfaces. I wonder if Beth even knows of her rumored death. Probably not.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist