Obsessive-Compulsive Personalities

December 24, 2000


I have been sifting through possibilities, exploited dreams, and rich ambitions, but I have yet to come to a definite decision. My life must not be completely ruled by one or the other; somehow these activities must come together as one.

Change is life and life is change, and all in all we remain the same. And so it’s back this gentle groove, and so I move to the beat again, but as it’s been a century since, I’ve lost what I need to dispense.

Moving again with gentle grace dripping from you limbs, you glide away further into oblivion. Familiar oblivion. Any happening in life can be made ironic. You might say life itself is ironic, but then, that wouldn’t be your style.

Had it of been at a different place at a different time, do you think you would have met me in the middle?

I woke up this evening to find myself asleep at the wheel. Miraculously, I managed to drive around in circles instead of slamming into a pine.

I describe this year as being better than bad but not as good as great. I do think it was a wise decision to return to college, but what next? What in the world am I working towards? Am I really even working towards anything?

Without the luxury of music I might possibly be in a straitjacket. If my eyes were never able to see again, the music my ears could still witness would surely be enough.

When confronted with disappointment I have the dangerous tendency to “go off the deep end”. I build things up in my head only to be slapped in the face by practicality. Still, I never seem to learn, for much to my delight, there is a part of me that will never quit dreaming.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist