Here We Go Again

January 1, 2001


I, like the rest of the world, am too concerned with myself to even begin to contribute to the well-being of my species. In the back of my head I agree that some forms of life are not as important as others. Our race is over-populated, and so I approve of abortion as well as the death sentence for deserving prisoners. I admit that I have become desensitized to the importance of human life, but I know only what I have been subjected to. Fortunately, I confess to a certain amount of undisturbed faith I have put on reserve for myself, confirming my position in a higher state.

Tomorrow will be a good day to stay home and dis-concern myself with life-changing decisions. Before I am able to conquer the world, I must be sure that body and mind are in tip-top shape. I have allowed myself to fall victim to routine security and mind-numbing addictions that have been known to interfere with temporary opportunities. The time in which I have lived supplies me with an adequate balance of appreciation and aggravation that forces me to denounce what is avoidable and demand what is desired.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist