Turning Yellow

May 7, 2001


The taste has faded from my mouth, and with six years behind me of talking incessantly about traveling the states and living among mountains, it is no wonder my first reaction to the reality of this obsession would be cold feet.

I must go with nothing but positive vibes and the ability to reject any and all expectations. I must go with an open mind and turn any disappointment or harsh treatment into some sort of gain. I must make the most of the moment and reject tendencies to worry, dread, and procrastinate. I must extend the limits of my potential.

There exists a vast contrast in my personality which leads me to believe I am more complex than I had feared. I have experienced so little to have experienced so much. Have I learned anything?

Stop me before I start announcing redundant and obvious statements such as “this is the last time I’ll take a bath in this bathtub,” or “this is the last night to sleep in my bed,” or “this is the last time I’ll see these surroundings with these eyes,” or “this is the last day to live life as if there was no need for change.”

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist