Stealing Privacy in the Bathtub

May 31, 2001


On one of my first adventures into the park I was lucky enough to see a grizzly bear and her two cubs trying to cross the road. Tourists lined the shoulders, and as we joined them, I felt guilty for adding to the already congested crowd. She was obviously a bit irritated at being made a spectacle, and as cars were still trying to travel the road after having already taken their picture, mama bear was literally turning around in circles trying to locate a safe passage. Nonetheless, I stood there in awe and in disbelief of what I was witnessing. For the first few seconds it felt like I was at home sitting on our soothing blue sofa (where I’ve spent so much of my adult life) watching the Discovery Channel, but I too snapped my pictures and added to the human cage surrounding her giving way to the likeness of a zoo. The rangers on site eventually were able to push back the traffic of tourists and clear a safe passage for the grizzly and her cubs to pass. Sometimes it really does feel like we are living in one gigantic national zoo where the cages are large enough to get lost in, but we are still unable to become uninhibited. We are still not free.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist