Chasing Tea with the Locals

June 13, 2001


So here I am but where are you? This morning I was awaken by a friend down the hall telling me to go look out my window. Accustomed surroundings were white-washed as I fell into a trance watching how gracefully snow floats through the air and I thanked Mother Nature for granting me my birthday wish. Irony follows me to foreign altitudes. Just as the Gardiner heat wreaks havoc on my desire for low temperatures, I am reminded of my ignorance towards this land and relieved to see my breath in the summer afternoon air. My emotions run rampant every second of the day, and the harder I strive to become something I’m not, the more I appreciate who I really am. Sometimes it feels like I’m in a race against age, and while that may stand to be true, I can’t help but turn up my nose to limitations and expectations associated with insignificant numbers. These days it has been difficult to express the depth of my soul, but “here I am” making my way in an unknown world and surprising myself when confronted with exoticism, disgruntled discrepancy, and foreign yet familiar faces. Which one of these acres do you belong to, and how close am I to my final destination?

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist