Closing in on the Dreaded Middle

July 12, 2001 (10:54pm)


Today you saw a mountain right outside your bedroom window. You sat on top of a volcano and smoked weed with two unique souls who have entered your life for a very short time only to never be seen again, but the seemingly insignificant days spent together will always exist as a pleasant memory. Today you lifted up your head and realized that you actually do have your head in the clouds, and sea level, your home, is faithfully resting right below your feet. Today you experienced emotions that have not been aggravated for quite a while and you remembered a part of life that did not vanish along with childhood. Today you woke up before noon, ate a hardy breakfast, and accomplished all those little chores that always seem to pile up. You listened to fascinating stories from people around the globe and learned how the human race, human behavior, human emotions and reactions, individuals really don’t differ that drastically. Today you witnessed the workings of our natural Earth and fully understood the theory of uniformitarianism. You exercised information stored in your brain that has never really been given the chance to be put to good use. You avoided taking a step back or standing in the same place, and proceeded to move forward. Today you gained wisdom through living.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist