Keeping an Identity

July 21, 2001 (1:55am)


I see them talking and laughing and dancing while I sit in this corner wondering if they’re just like me. I show face as an effort to denounce my anti-social tendencies, but at the end of an uneventful night, I crawl back into my shell remembering why I like to stay hidden. They will keep dancing all night, even after the band has called it quits, but what is it that keeps them going? Alcohol helped for a little while, but after the beginning of the third hour I could no longer take part in this nowhere scene, but they kept on like robots malfunctioning in a vain attempt to rebel against their inevitable shutdown. It must be wonderful to live without a care in the world and answer to life only when it calls…I could never be one of them. My attention span is short, and I am in the habit of questioning the mainstream majority. I admit to a certain snootiness that I emit from my persona, but I have been in this very same corner one too many times. I know, without a shadow of the doubt, that they are not like me, but who would notice the difference anyway? I will keep striving to accomplish my quest for individuality.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist