Remembering Who I Am

July 13, 2001


It looks as if I will be going home at the end of October. Will it be as though I never left, and will I be stuck there for another five years? My want and need to see the world is not as simple as I thought. “Change is nothing but a state of mind”.

Empty Dr. Pepper cans pollute our three person dorm room and I realize that I too, Miss Clean Freak, am contributing to the daily mess.

This is where I want to be when a permanent move transpires. I have grown quite fond of this place and honored to be considered a local.

A few doors down, Jason has just massacred half of our laundry team in a useless effort to scare our beloved, JoAnn, the Bunk House Nazi.

My herb supply is dwindling and I must psyche myself up for going without if a relief cannot be acquired. Unfortunately, I have developed the habit of smoking pot whenever I write. The two go hand in hand.

And if I spend the rest of my life wandering around in a distant gaze still searching for my place, surely I will recognize my own footprints in front of me.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist