Vanilla Ice Cream Topped with Chocolate Syrup

August 1, 2001


Tonight I hold no grudges. I lean towards my specific side yet all the while understanding my opponent. I do not believe that “everything is beautiful” but I think I know why you say what you say. There will always be room for everyone to open their eyes a bit wider than before. Believing in a cause is nothing more than “jumping on the band wagon” if all four sides have not been explored. To put it simply, I understand where you’re coming from, but get a clue. Now is the time to relocate the vanishing middle. My summer love does not exist but desperation has not got the best of me. I am looking to fall in love with myself again. This working vacation has changed me in a way I was not anticipating. I am looking back on my adolescent roots and realizing that despite the aggressive rebellion, I was actually on to something. I am having fun letting “the jerk” shine through and openly becoming nauseated when dread-headed drunks hand me their programmed one-liners. I have become bored with peace, love, and happiness. We must stop believing that we have the whole world figured out in our 20s. As far as my summer love goes, maybe I will find you with winter.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist