Where’s My Bald Eagle?

Rescue Creek Trail 7/29/01


Leave no trace of your existence here. My footprints will be swept clean by a strong gust of wind and my scent will be over-ridden by native animals reclaiming their land. The painted cliffs just ahead are making faces at me, and impressed by their ability to frequently change character, I return the favor with a smile. Rain clouds are gaining on me, but instead of making my way back home in a steady pace, I stay seated upon this rock watching the storm roll in. This morning when I awoke with a mild hangover, I had no intentions to hike into the park by myself, but three hours into the day, I knew it was time to entertain my anti-social tendencies. It is really windy out here. My goal is to try and stay gone as long as possible. Just below me rushes the artist responsible for the rock sculptures I sit surrounded by. She is the strongest element in nature, never skipping a beat as she faithfully conducts her never ending symphony. I have been resting here for an hour now wondering if the white-headed and white-tailed bird I am witnessing is my much anticipated bald eagle or just another osprey. I wish I owned binoculars.

Author: Lindsay Niemann

Writer | Graphic Artist